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Rebel, villain, terrorist, savior, father, hero...Max Eisenhardt has been called many things in his life, but the mutant known as Magneto denounced labels a long time ago.
On My Pull List This Week:

UNCANNY X-FORCE #14Written by RICK REMENDERPenciled by JEROME OPEÑACover by ESAD RIBIC"The Dark Angel Saga: Part 3". Years  ago, Wolverine helplessly watched as Jean Grey, the love of his life,  died before his eyes. Years later, he would lose his best-friend  Nightcrawler to a similar fate. In order to save our world, can he allow  them to die again? X-Force team up with The Amazing X-Men for the final  push against the heir of Apocalypse, in a battle Royale that will force  Wolverine to make the hardest choice of his life. One world must die! 32 PGS./Parental Advisory…$3.99