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Rebel, villain, terrorist, savior, father, hero...Max Eisenhardt has been called many things in his life, but the mutant known as Magneto denounced labels a long time ago.
On My Pull List This Week:

X-MEN: PRELUDE TO SCHISM #4 (of 4)Written by PAUL JENKINSPenciled by CLAY MANNCover by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLIThe  mini-series that leads to the X-Event of 2011 continues! This month we  get inside the heads of the two most important X-Men: Cyclops and  Wolverine. See parts of their past you never saw before, experience the  most intense moments in X-History and understand what leads to the  Schism that is coming! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Reading for the Clay Mann art… >_>
On My Pull List This Week:

UNCANNY X-MEN #539Written by KIERON GILLENPenciled by IBRAIM ROBERSONCover by SIMONE BIANCHII AM CAPTAIN AMERICA Variant by DAVE JOHNSONHope  has been kidnapped and there is only one mutant who can track her down:  Wolverine! And when Mutankind needs their messiah more than ever, will  Logan do what’s necessary to find Hope? Will the source of his animosity  for the red-headed savior finally be revealed? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
I still remember having stars in my eyes throughout this entire scene.

Magneto & Wolverine by Riley Rossmo

You have a very small head, bub.
Well, you have a smaller dick… ‘Bub.’

And this would’ve still been better than the actual dialogue.

I’m getting really excited to read Jason Aaron’s upcoming X-Men event, Schism. The book is going to be illustrated by different artists like Carlos Pacheco, Daniel Acuna, Adam Kubert, Frank Cho and Alan Davis. The page you’re seeing here is from the first issue, by Carlos Pacheco. It’s a great page.
There’s a lot of character showing in that second panel. Look at the poses and the facial expressions. The character nuances like Magneto’s helmet. All the information you need is on the page. This is really some great storytelling by Carlos.
Check this book out when it comes out in a month!

I’m so glad Mr. Pacheco is coming back for more. While there are certain things surrounding this event that I’m not thrilled about, I’m still excited to read it.
On My Pull List This Week:

UNCANNY X-FORCE #11Written by RICK REMENDERPenciled by MARK BROOKSCover by ESAD RIBICVariant Cover by MARK BROOKS"Dark Angel Saga, Part 1" Apocalypse  is dead. His heir, Archangel, has picked up where his predecessor left  off, amassing an army of En Sabah Nur’s greatest servants! The only hope  X-Force have of saving Warren Worthington from the dark entity that  inhabits his soul, rests in a dimension where Apocalypse, and his  technology, took over the world, the solution lies in—The Age of  Apocalypse! However, before X-Force can obtain the thing capable of  saving their friend, they must defeat The Amazing X-Men! 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99
On My Pull List This Week:

X-MEN #12Written by CHRISTOPHER YOSTPenciled by PACO MEDINA & DALIBOR TALIJICCovers by ED McGIUNNESSVariant Covers by PACO MEDINA“FIRST TO LAST” Who  are the Evolutionaries and why doesn’t anyone remember when they fought  Xavier and his original five X-Men? Cyclops and his crew on Utopia  better figure out quick or the Evolutionaries are going to wipe out  every human on the planet. That’s right, every HUMAN. Two issues of this  huge story this month both showing X-Men/Evolutionary actionin the past  and in the present. And it’s all thanks to Christopher Yost (X-FORCE),  amazing regular artist Paco Medina and the always classic Dalibor  Talijic (HITMONKEY)! Part 2 (of 5). 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
On My Pull List This Week:

WOLVERINE #9Written by JASON AARONPenciled by DANIEL ACUÑACover by JAE LEEX-Men Evolutions Variant by TBALogan  needs answers about the mysterious villains who sent him to hell, and  he knows exactly where to go to get them: Mystique. But Mystique has  troubles of her own, namely the unstoppable new assassin, Lord  Deathstrike. 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99
On My Pull List This Week:

X-MEN GIANT-SIZE #1Written by CHRISTOPHER YOSTPenciled by PACO MEDINA & DALIBOR TALAJICCover by ED McGUINESSVariant Cover by PACO MEDINAFantastic Four Anniversary Variant by SIMONE BIANCHI“FROM FIRST TO LAST” Think  you know everything there is to know about the original X-Men? Think  again! Something happened to Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel, Iceman  and Professor X years ago, a secret so horrible that it has been locked  away in the dark corner of Cyclops’ mind until today. What crisis  strikes in the present that calls upon memories of the past? Witness the  astonishing debut of the Evolutionaries! Taking the lead for a few  issues is famed X-Men writer CHRIS YOST (X-FORCE) and with all this  danger, he’s lucky to have  regular X-MEN artist PACO MEDINA and DALIBOR  TALAJIC (PUNISHER) along for the ride. 40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99

As messed up as this seems, I’m excited to see these interactions for sure. Time fuckery is nothing new for the X-Men, so why not go for some more! (Paco Medina variant shown above.)


The Variant Cover To Uncanny X-Force #12 | Adam Kubert

OH MY LOINS, YES! Adam Kubert’s still got it, my friends!

X-MEN REMIX by *barrypresh

Things that make this image the best thing ever:
- Just the thought of Scott rapping, omg
- Professor X doing his best white guy dance
- Magneto and Mystique not knowing why they are even there
- The blurred out X-symbols on their uniforms
- Logan’s dope chain
- Kurt in the background like “BITCH WHAT!”
On My Pull List This Week:

UNCANNY X-FORCE #9Written by RICK REMENDERPencils by BILLY TANCover by ESAD RIBICMagneto uncovers the existence of X-Force and the only way he’ll keep the team’s secret is if they assassinate a mysterious figure from his past! Who is so important that Magneto would employ such methodology? Why can’t he do the deed himself? The answer is buried in a terrible secret from the ashes of World War II. No man can outrun his past forever… 32 PGS./Rated A …$3.99

Magneto + Uncanny X-Force = a damn good week for Magnus’ pull list :3
On My Pull List This Week:

X-MEN #10Written by VICTOR GISCHLERPenciled by CHRIS BACHALOCover by TERRY DODSONVariant Cover by CHRIS BACHALOThor Goes Hollywood Variant by TBA“TO SERVE AND PROTECT,” CONCLUSION. The X-Men and Spider-Man have made their way through the New York City sewers only to be overwhelmed by a legion of bloodthirsty reptilian monsters. Now they’ve been captured and turned into mindless creatures themselves with only Spider-Man and Emma Frost left unscathed. Can this unlikely pair work together long enough to restore the X-Men and defeat their mysterious opponent? Or will they too join the ranks of the Lizard X-Men? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

So far, I’ve been loving this arc. I might be a sucker for Bachalo art, but you can’t argue that this story hasn’t been entertaining panel by panel. It really is true that you can’t be an X-Man unless you’ve been transformed into some kind of monster or alien at least once.
On My Pull List This Week:

AVENGERS #12.1Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDISPencils & Cover by BRYAN HITCHSTART READING with this Point One Issue! Prepare for the upcoming high-stakes Avengers event with a battle between the Avengers and the Intelligencia, the return of SWORD, and the dissapearance of Spider-Woman!. Bendis and modern master Bryan Hitch Join forces for this very special, all-new Avengers story that is not only an explosive action-packed self-contained thriller but a prologue to an Avengers saga that will rock the entire Marvel Universe next year. Guest starring the New and Secret Avengers! 32 PGS./Rated A …$2.99

It’s a nice cover >_> But other than that, I’m pretty much over these 0.1 issues. The only one I substantially enjoyed was the Uncanny X-Force one.